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So if you didn’t know I dropped my first mixtape just last night. I started rappin back in May and been workin on this from then til now. I really put my heart into all my songs so I just ask that you check it out and lemme know what you think. It’s called “Epiphanies & Symphonies.” Enjoy. 




RawDeli - Let Em Know (feat. Delta)

Lend me your ears.


So we found out someone took our name, (Deat Poets Society) we got hella discouraged. We’re currently working on readjusting the songs and releasing a small EP called “Dead Poets Society EP”.

Anyways, we’ve been working really hard to make the best EP possible, but here’s one of the cuts from the EP, I hope some of you guys take the time out to listen and if you fuck wid it, support by spreading the word through reblogs and shit haha, I also fuck with feedback too if you don’t fuck with it.

Sampling the homies Gorillaz, here’s the slap with features in order of verses.

THE DEAD POETS SOCIETY - Gorillz (feat. Brother Jon, OSCAR ANDREW, J.L Beauxghearto) [Prod. by S-Boy]

peep my niggas doe.

"RawDeli - Epiphany"

Yo, check out my new single!

RawDeli - The Vision

my new single. enjoy.

LOGIC grabbed my mic to autograph it right after performing his final song.
CLICK HERE to watch it.

RawDeli - The Winter

RawDeli - Lost Soul (ft. E.A.P, Lisp)

Shoutout to my fav rapper @logic301 and to @tayyibali for both signin my mic and rockin that shit last night! #youngsinatra #rattpack #visionarymusicgroup (Taken with Instagram)